ORIGIN INTENATIONAL PHARMA COMPANY LTD is an Egyptian limited company operating under investment law in Egypt and we are looking for business partners allover the world.

The company’s purpose & scope of activities will cover distribution, promotion, whole-sale, retail (Through our prospected pharmacies all over Egypt) import & export of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, & appliances for human & veterinary, therapeutic & diagnostic use in Africa. Our base will be in Egypt. We are all ex-managing directors for International & Multinational pharmaceutical companies in EGYPT.

We realize that ORIGIN INTENATIONAL PHARMA is a multidisciplinary research-based manufacturer engaged in the production and marketing of crucial products for the healthcare delivery sector. Some of the therapeutic segments in which you are involved include; infectious diseases, bio-pharmaceuticals, cancer treatment, hormonal treatment and others.

ORIGIN INTENATIONAL PHARMA is seeking distribution/marketing partnerships with companies that can enhance its business profile and portfolio through innovative cost-effective quality products and healthcare services. In return, we shall undertake to substantially reduce costs and attendant risks to our principals by warehousing and distributing the principals' products as well as guaranteeing proper inventory management shared marketing costs and full market-based informatics for enhanced business growth.




The products we will select fall under various therapeutic classes including Antibiotics [Oral & indictable], GIT products, NSAIDS ,Analgesics, CNS Dermatological and Aerotherapeutics.